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Get your TOS checked by Vascular specialist in Perth

TOS, or more commonly expanded to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a vascular disorder. For those who are not aware of the terms ‘Thoracic Outlet’, this is an anatomic region, a small gap if we may, located right in the middle of the first rib, the collarbone and the muscles. This is an intricate opening allowing a mesh of nerves, veins and arteries to pass through and through, making this passageway a rather busy lane. The TOS symptom only occurs when these network of veins and arteries passing through the outlet tangles themselves causing a squashed up situation where all the nerves are muddled in a knot, restricting free blood flow to their respective destinations.


How do I know if this is TOS?
Like every vascular disorder, there are a few eminent symptoms that will let you know of an oncoming vascular disorder. These will be in the lines of swelling, reddening, inflammation, pain, pigmentation of skin.
Affecting the shoulder region, the main symptoms noticed by you should be concentrated around your shoulder.

  •   Extreme pain in the shoulder region conforming to TOS
  •   Numbness of that particular side or both sides
  •   Pinching pain sensation felt in the respective arm
  •    Weakening or loss of strength in the respective arm
  •     Change in skin complexion

    If these feelings are persistent and nagging, it’s time to visit a proper medical center. Being in WA, you can always look up some of the best vascular doctors in Perth. There are many vascular treatment centers in Perth too that diligently guide you through these disorders. One such center down on Monash Avenue is A-Vascular, headed by renowned vascular specialist in Perth, Dr. Patrik J. Tosenovsky. Gathering his veteran experience of over 20 years, him backed by his team of vascular surgeons and experts toil each day to cater to any and every of your vascular problems.
    Now that you’re aware of the following symptoms you need to look out for- drop in a quick mail or give A-vascular a call straight away and the doctors here will fix a proper meeting to discuss treatment modules for your best interest. Visit A-Vascular at http://www.avascular.com.au/ .


Come Visit the Best Vascular Specialist in Perth


Cramps and sudden pain from anonymous sources keeping you awake at night? Are you feeling a sudden discomfort while movement and inflammation with soreness? In today’s current situation developing a nervous or vascular problem is not so uncommon anymore. Studies reveal one of the main causes for these venous disorder is today’s lifestyle that incorporates more working hours, excessive physical strength and more strenuous outlook of life. Ling hours of standing, putting excessive pressure on your lower limbs or getting exposed to work hazards are usually at the top of the blaming line. However, only a handful of people are aware of the vascular disorders that mental pressure can cause. A constant sense of strain or tension is actually going to take a toll on your nerves in the later years of your life and if you are already facing some of the obvious venous or vascular disorder symptoms- it’s high time you get yourself a veteran vascular expert who can possibly reverse the damages and save you from being victim to the pangs of vascular disorder.

Where to go?

Even though you have acknowledged your vascular problems, you’re still not sure where to go to get proficient treatment. Let us help you out! Situated in Monash Avenue, Perth, West Australia- A-Vascular is one of the many booming establishments providing sincere arterial, venous and vascular treatment across Perth. The doctor in lead, one of the best vascular specialist in Perth– Patrik J.Tosenovsky pools in his knowledge and experience of over 20 years to diligently tend to any and every problem that is brought to him. Working with a functional team of vascular experts, these doctors ensure A-vascular is your one stop solution for all your vein related problems.

What will you find here?

Unlike other treatment institutions, A-Vascular is always out there looking for your benefit which is essentially why the treatment modules after a face to face interview is thoroughly discussed with the patient along with the breakdown of the procedure, after which the patient’s consent is taken. Allowing the patients to feel at ease, the environment at A-Vascular is nothing but snug and cozy with amiable cooperative doctors willingly extending their helping hand.
Oost -operative follow-ups are a must here

Where to find them?

Want to join A-Vascular and let them get to know you better? Come visit the best vascular treatment center in Perth by giving them a quick call or dropping them a mail at their official page- http://www.avascular.com.au/.