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Get your TOS checked by Vascular specialist in Perth

TOS, or more commonly expanded to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a vascular disorder. For those who are not aware of the terms ‘Thoracic Outlet’, this is an anatomic region, a small gap if we may, located right in the middle of the first rib, the collarbone and the muscles. This is an intricate opening allowing a mesh of nerves, veins and arteries to pass through and through, making this passageway a rather busy lane. The TOS symptom only occurs when these network of veins and arteries passing through the outlet tangles themselves causing a squashed up situation where all the nerves are muddled in a knot, restricting free blood flow to their respective destinations.


How do I know if this is TOS?
Like every vascular disorder, there are a few eminent symptoms that will let you know of an oncoming vascular disorder. These will be in the lines of swelling, reddening, inflammation, pain, pigmentation of skin.
Affecting the shoulder region, the main symptoms noticed by you should be concentrated around your shoulder.

  •   Extreme pain in the shoulder region conforming to TOS
  •   Numbness of that particular side or both sides
  •   Pinching pain sensation felt in the respective arm
  •    Weakening or loss of strength in the respective arm
  •     Change in skin complexion

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